We are leaders in Turkey for alternative fuel solutions.

We are the first team in Turkey to announce and apply the adjustment of LPG systems with wideband lambda (AFR) clock. We tuning LPG systems correctly and ensuring they work correctly in LPG since 2017.

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Our Services :

LPG Conversion

We offer LPG conversion options that are indistinguishable from fabrication operations with AFR adjustment specific to your vehicle.

AFR Tuning

We check the gasoline values and LPG conversion of your vehicle, and adjust AFR on the road, ensuring that your vehicle is smooth, health and performance with LPG operation.

Maintenance & Repair

We produce the most suitable solutions to the problems in the systems by performing the maintenance, repairs and replacement of parts of LPG systems of all brands.

Cars with LPG :

Better performance with LPG

While the octane of gasoline varies between 95-98, the octane of LPG is between 102-110. LPG vehicles with AFR tuning work more without knocking, there is no power loss. Power gain is achieved in compressed (turbo) vehicles.

Environmentally friendly

LPG an environmentally friendly fuel compared to Gasoline and Diesel. Vehicles that are converted to LPG pollute the environment less, do not throw particles from the exhaust and make cities more livable.

More healthy

With the AFR setting, the combustion temperatures for the cylinder do not rise to abnormal levels, it works at the same health as gasoline. LPG does not leave any soot, the engine oil and exhaust system remain clean.

LPGTuned & LPGAYARI.COM – Professional LPG AFR Tuning and Solution Center – Ahmet Nalbantoğlu

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